Literacy in this globalized world is considered as the ability to read and write (mostly English) and hold some schooling certificate. So called degrees have become the deciding factor for one to be called as educated.

Say one is full of degrees and he is womanizer, drinker and worst in character; what do you call such person? Modern society calls it educated and highly literate, where ethically speaking such person is animal.

This forces me to rephrase the statement of Swami Vivekananda “end of education is character!” as “End of character is education”.

So how do you define a literate?

For example, consider a farmer, who is very skilled, talented and mastered art of farming that doesn’t harm nature. Now as he doesn’t possess a degree in agriculture, do you call him an illiterate and uneducated? Yes says our so called educated society.

Tell me so called institution made farmers i.e., agricultural scientists, can they be able to at least 10% of the skill farmers possessed.

If we observe in the past 60 years of independent India, the agricultural system has been degraded and disintegrated, which resulted in loss of soil fertility due to usage so called agri-scientists proposed fertilizers ultimately resulting in death of death 1,00,000 farmers to commit suicide past four years. This is because of the desperate act of the so called literary murderers to kill the backbone of the India i.e., AGRICULTURE. Now we see many farming land owners leaving their lands and working as labourers in the towns and cities. This is the greatest achievement achieved by the literates who are kids of this globalization.


Sanskrit saying in defining education goes as:

साविद्यायाविमुक्तये |

Meaning that, Education is that which leads us to freedom! Here freedom doesn’t mean that lack of discipline; rather it means mukthi, which means freedom from all the arishadvargas, the process of unveiling true character that is godliness within.

In today, so called educated and democratic societies, we have freedom where the number rape cases and drug addicts count is evidencing an impulse raise over the time.

Finally Happy world literacy Day!!!!!


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