Best treatment for Constipation is Olive oil


Gastrointestinal Problem is a serious issue which is also name as “Constipation”. All the human being will experience it at one point of life. He or She will observe less movement in bowel it means that he is suffering from “Constipation”. It would be very painful and the bowel movement will be less than three times. It would be because of not in taking fluid items, more intakes of iron and calcium. Most of the time pregnant women too experience this “Constipation” Problem. To treat this problem the only solution is to have olive oil in your diet. Olive oil has the efficiency to increase the bile in our gallbladder.

Olive oil stimulates the moisture in stool as well as irritates the gut mucosa, the stool movement. The olive oil plays the main role to prevent swelling, irritation and bloating movements. It will reduce the dilation in the intestine. So add olive oil to your food diet regularly or at least thrice in a week.


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