Women’s health tips


We are in between many health problems. It would be the risk in taking care of our heart, lungs etc. There is a one way to keep away heart disease and strokes. For a good health, we have to intake healthy foods and fruits. Vegetables play a big role in our life. By eating whole grains, your protein intake will increase in your body. Simultaneously we have to intake brown rice instead of White rice. Some kind of rice would increase your body weight.

To lean up your body we may have beans, fish, legumes etc. Naturally, we have fatty foods in our diet such as sugar, salt which increases the pressure for aged people. Our body fit doesn’t depend alone in eating foods. We have to exercise daily to manage the muscle and body strength as usual. It should be a schedule to exercise at least of 2 and half an hour daily. It may be of walking, dancing, parking your car at between many distances. So that you would have a chance to walk and it’s necessary for all to seek a chance to maintain our body healthy.


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