Yes, you heard it right! China and Russia openly supported Pakistan, though India tried to pitch heavily on Pak terror attempts!!

To understand the story lets get into the article.

India thought to raise BRICS platform to unite all the BRICS nations against Pakistan, but to no one surprise, China and Russia showed no interest to support India to declare Pakistan as a terrorist supported nation. Modi though raised a strong voice to against Pakistan involvement in URI and other attacks, no sigh of relief came to India. Instead, Russia swiftly escaped stating that it can’t blame a nation instead it opposes all sorts of terrorisms. It is to be recalled that, Russia reportedly sent its forces to Pakistan even after URI attack for joint army drills with Pakistan army. This act of Russia supporting Pakistan is even evidenced in BRICS summit too.

China has raised a strong voice, stating that it can’t term Pakistan as terror nation, as it is a most friendly nation and supports it to any extent. Also Hua Chunying, Foreign ministry spokesperson of the Chinese foreign ministry as per the sources of TOI, bluntly stated that “”We oppose linking terrorism with any specific ethnicity or religion. This is our long-standing position. China and Pakistan are all-weather friends. Noting that India and Pakistan are “all victims of terrorism”, she said Islamabad has made “great sacrifice to combat terrorism and this needs to be recognized by the international community”.  China and Russia opposed even to term ISI, Nusra, JeM and LeT as terrorist organizations. It is observed that JeM key behind the URI attack.

The reason for Russia supporting Pakistan is due to the USA opposing Pakistan and Islamic nations. This gave the opportunity to Russia to explore good relations with Islamic nations so that it can get hold of the silk route. Also, Russia to sort out a trade with China, Pakistan becomes a strategic part. So Russia is left with no option other than supporting Pakistan.

In the past, USA used Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Islamic nations to counter the Soviet Union, a result of which we see the split of the Soviet Union and formation of Russia. (During this process the USA funded Pakistan heavily and even supported Pakistan along with China in 1971 war with India.) For this to happen USA introduced and incubated Osama Bin Laden to take revenge on Russia, who fought for the USA unknowingly and once dismantling of Soviet Union is done and Laden turned against the USA by realizing the fact, then termed Laden as terrorist.  It appears that Islamic nations are used by all the countries to counter their enemies and Islamic nations target India.

Through BRICS China, has sent a strong message to India that if war were to come, China would join with Pakistan to counter India. Now, it’s high time for Mr. Modi and Mr. Ajith Dovel, RAW chief to undergo deep thinking to counter this PAK-CHINA-RUSSIA allies, without which the extent of Pakistani terrorism can’t be controlled. It’s a real Hard time for India’s Geopolitical position. India has to display its true and beyond the imagination abilities to fight hard and win this geopolitical battle.

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