Bomb Blast at Shah Noorani Shrine in Pakistan


The bomb blasted happened today in the Pakistan at Shah Noorani shrine, Hub region of Lasbela district, located exactly hundred kilometers from Karachi port city and near to the strategic location of Baluchistan. In this shrine, usually in the evening, all the people gather to sing and dance for the songs praising Sufi saints. In this bomb blast, 30 people killed and 100 people were injured. This was even confirmed by the district Lasbela commissioner Hashim Ghalzai. The most strategic point is this location is important to trade passage between Pakistan and China.

Shah Noorani shrine location
Figure: Bomb blast location
Shah Noorani shrine Bomb blasts pictures. (source: Daily Pakistan)

The surprising is that this is not the first time an attack of such intensity happened. Previously, in an attack, the famous Sufi singer Amjad Sabri was shot dead. The key thing is Baluchistan region has become the prime target of terrorists’ acts. In the Quetta region, a suicide bomb attack nearly 60 citizens were killed and in another attack in the same region terrorists entered into Police training center and killed 64 police cadets were killed along with 2 army men. It appears to be that some anti-Sufi community has been doing such sort of attacks.

We say our condolences to all those families whose relatives were died in this bomb blast and pray to god to give all his grace on those families and also on the people who were hurt in this attack for their speedy recovery. May souls of all those who died in this attack rest in peace.


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