It seems Indian government could feel the heat of active terror games by Pakistan, which resulted in our External affairs minister Smt. Sushma Swaraj ji to sending a strong warning to Pakistan that “Kashmir is an integral part of India, and will be always. You (Pakistan) should stop dreaming about it”. This created great ripples in the diplomacy circles of friendly nations supporting Pakistan. In answer to how can she claim that terror supporting countries exists, she replied as:

“One must know who gives support to these terrorists? They have no banks, no factories to build arms. So who supports them?”

This very speech of her clearly warns the countries supporting Pakistan should be considered as terrorist nations and should be removed from UN list. This especially sends a clear message to china that India is no hesitant to face china while destroying Pakistan’s lunatic terror acts against India.

Now it would be clear to nations supporting Pakistan in the back and say we oppose terrorism in the front, should get themselves in safe position, continuing the same would definitely land them in problems. This is what dynamism India has to display to face terror, not alone in words but in action too only then world would be aware of the heroic abilities of India.


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