Delayed Justice for Delhi Gang Rape Victim Comes out From SC

Delayed Justice for Delhi Gang Rape Victim Comes out From SC

Finally, the Supreme Court has announced the judgment on Gang rape that happened in Delhi Gang on 16th December 2012. The supreme court justice Dipak Misra gave a verdict, which confirmed death sentence to the four convicts: Vinay Sharma, Mukesh, Akshay Kumar and Pawan. This judgment of Supreme court was very much welcomed by the all the people sitting in the visitors stand in the courtroom. Th

Justice R. BANUMATHI in verdict document stated that:
We have a responsibility to set good values and guidance for posterity. In the words of a great scholar, Swami Vivekananda, “the best thermometer to the progress of a nation is its treatment of its women.” Crime against women not only affects women’s self-esteem and dignity but also degrades the pace of societal development. I hope that this gruesome incident in the capital and death of this young woman will be an eye-opener for a mass movement “to end violence against women” and “respect for women and her dignity” and sensitizing public at large on gender justice. Every individual, irrespective of his/her gender must be willing to assume the responsibility in the fight for gender justice and also awaken public opinion on gender justice. The Public at large, in particular men, are to be sensitized on gender justice. The battle for gender justice can be won only with strict implementation of legislative provisions, sensitization of public, taking other pro-active steps at all levels for combating violence against women and ensuring widespread attitudinal changes and comprehensive change in the existing mindset. We hope that this incident will pave the way for the same.

On the other side, I personally feel that there was a huge delay of 5 years incurred in announcing the judgment on an incident which was an animalistic act. In total there 27 million cases pending in courts and Close to 34,000 rape cases are lying unsolved. These sort of animalistic morons are to be punished as soon as possible, only then some factor of fear will arise in those who even misbehave with women.

It is to be recalled that “JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED”, if this is true then the convicts happily enjoy their life till they die and victims fight through their life and may also loose hope in the Law. The point is solving one or two cases like this will never generate fear across the spines of the victims, as there are more than 34000 rapists who are still enjoying life outside jail. Believe it or not, not even once, politicians and their sons or big shots and their sons in the society were punished even though they were convicted in some brutal rape and women harassment cases. Recently, with respect to the Ayesha rape and murder case that happened 10 years back, one politician grandson was said to be criminal, the court punished an innocent Satyam Babu and released as innocent only after the 10 years battle of Sathyam babu’s mother. Though releasing innocent sounds good, but what about the actual criminal???? He was not punished!! Now how do we say that justice is achieved? Say the criminal if dies naturally, then he goes unpunished(non-religiously).

Doesn’t this portrays the very fact that “Indian IPC has failed provide justice”? Tell in what way, does Law want to assure justice to the common man. It is to be remembered that “DELAYING JUSTICE IS ALSO A CRIME”. WHO WILL PAY AND HELD RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT IPC OR GOVERNMENT OR CONSTITUTION ????


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