Deputy CM’s Drunken Son Kicked out of the Qatar Airways Flight

Deputy CM's Drunken Son Kicked out of the Qatar Airways Flight
Src: HT

The Jaimin Patel, son of Gujarat’s Deputy Chief Minister Mr.Nitin Patel, was prevented from boarding the Qatar Airways flight. Jaimin Patel along with his wife Jhalak and their daughter Vaishvi were supposed to travel to Greece on a flight that was about to take off by 4 A.M. Right from the time he arrived the Ahmadabad International Airport, he looked in a totally drunken state and he was also carried in a wheelchair, as he was not in a state even to stand properly.

The point is how come the Ahmadabad Aiport officials let him get the boarding pass and also complete the check-in formalities. Either the Jaimin should have used his father influence to clear the formalities or the officials would be lying. One thing for sure the video footages in the airport to suggest he is not in a normal state, so it can be confirmed that he used his father influence to get the clear the check-in formalities. The Qatar Airways officials confirmed to the media that he was in a totally drunken and when prevented boarding the flight argued with the officials too.

This issue when brought to Gujarat Deputy CM Mr. Nitin Patel, he said that its a goofed up story and airways officials were lying and someone is trying to defame him.


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