GSLV MK3 Keeps ISRO High on World’s Space Research

GSLV MK3 Keeps ISRO High on World's Space Research
Credit: ISRO


May 5th, 2017 5.28 PM marked a remarkable achievement in the history of Indian space with the launch of heaviest satellite GSLV MK3 by Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO). The GSLV MK3 was launched Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. The satellite was placed in the orbit after 16 minutes of its takeoff. In the past, India was questioned about its ability to build robust indigenous cryogenic engine technology with the failure of GSLV Mk II on April 15, 2010(due to engine failure). With GSLV MK3, India proved to the world of its research ability.

As specified by ISRO, Vehicle Specifications of GSLV MK3 are:
Height: 43.43m
Vehicle Diameter:4.0 m
Heat Shield (Payload Fairing) Diameter: 5.0 m
Number of Stages: 3
Lift Off Mass: 640 tonnes


Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President President Mukherjee congratulated ISRO on its achievement.
Modi Pranab tweet about GSLV MK3


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