Income tax raid at Bengaluru


Income tax private detective agency has been in an operation to find the illegal activities in Eagleton Resort. It is situated at Bengaluru where Gujarat legislator’s members are stayed to vote the Rajya Sabha polls upcoming in Gujarat. The operation target is to break down the illegal activities. The congress party has been instructed to stay in the resort. So the MP from rural Bengaluru, D.K Shiva Kumar an energy minister from Karnataka and his brother D.K Suresh are to be involved. The private detective agency has not searched in resort alone but them connecting their houses too. The other operation is held at Sadashivanagar in Bengaluru. The MLA’s from Congress party have stayed previously at the resort when they faced problem in Congress party at the critical situation.

Six MLA’s were left the party and the Gujarat flew down over 40 of its MLA’s to Eagleton Resort. From last five days, Shiva Kumar and Suresh were booked the rooms in Eagleton Resort. While they went out some sources said detective agency have searched their room.


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