White House: Top Indian IT Companies Violates H1B Norms


Donald Trump Government has claimed that top Indian IT firms have been violating H1B visa application process. Speaking on this  Trump administration has confirmed that Infosys, TCS and cognizant were top IT firms who were doing some malpractices. Usually H1B visas are issued based on lottery system. These IT companies are flooding many entries in to this lottery system and seeing that applications picked are their own applications. Also, Whitehouse has stated that companies are not abiding the median wage  an employee needs to be provided to get H1B visa. It is observed by the Trump administration that 80%  of the H1B visa applicants are not paid as per the norms. The officials stated that And those three…have an average wage for H-1B visas between $60,000 and $65,000 (a year). By contrast, the median Silicon Valley software engineer’s wage is probably around $150,000,” . These malpractices, indeed, is a huge threat to local talent as vacancies are filled illegally by the foreign people for low wages.

Seeing this violations, Trump government has decided to issue H1B visa purely based on merit. Now this would become a major blow to the aspirations of the  Indian IT professionals who love to get H1B visa and also to the companies who try get work done at cheaper rates…


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