The LPG decision by Government of India


The government of Union has decided to close the subsidy cooking gas LPG by March 2018.  By the next year the financial may be not in the predictable case since now it has been a menu to raise Rs 4 per cylinder for each month. Dharmendra Pradhan, oil minister ordered and the state- run oil companies have ordered the same.

By the past year, the Central has decided and ordered the Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil to raise the 2rs per cylinder. But now it’s been doubled to achieve the target. The weight of 14.2 kg was 2Rs raised per month. 12 LPG cylinders will be calculated for every year in Household subsidy. This would be a great shock for the poor family and middle-class people. Think government has to take the step towards this price incensement. It would definitely affect the people who suffer to have one day meal.


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