Nanakramguda Building Collapse: 20 Lives Struck


On Thursday 9.30 PM in Nanakranguda-Hyderabad, seven-storeyed building under construction collapse occurred. In this major incident, 20 construction staff who were residing in the building were trapped in the collapse. Of these 20 people, 16 men, women, and children were there. It is identified that this building owner as Sattu Singh, who has escaped from the city after knowing this fact. It is noticed that the building is being built in an area of 220square yards and no proper government permissions have been attained prior to the start of the construction. Cyberabad Commissioner of Police Sandeep stated that as per the preliminary information received, up to 10 people were affected by the accident.

It has become a practice for the builders to build cheap quality houses and government authorities to approve those buildings by getting bribed. Even in the past, these cheap quality constructions have taken many lives, even then the government hasn’t taken strict measures on the employees and the respective boards. Responding to the incident Mr. K. Chandrasekar Rao, Telangana CM stated that this is a very incident and promised that people responsible for this will be punished and requested his ministers to take speedy rescue operation to rescue the people struck in the incident. In response to it, Home Minister Mr. Nayani Narismiha Reddy visited the incident place to review the damage.

Hope the government take necessary steps to rescue people stuck in the collapse and also we request Government and respective board authorities not to get corrupt at the cost of people lives! Also, we kindly request Mr. KCR to ensure these doesn’t happen and sentence the authorities to death through the court of law, only then some fear will exist in the authorities.


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