“Need For Speed” is the “Cause For Death”


Narayana College’s head and leading Andhra Pradesh Education minister Mr.Narayana’s son Nishit died on Wednesday in a car accident. This incident happened due driving to the over speed driving Nishit was driving the Benz car early in the morning at a speed of 205 KMs and hit the metro train pillar near Peddammagudi, Jubilee hills. Not even airbags in the car could help them to save their life. Nishith was accompanied by his friend Ramachandra in this journey. It is believed that Nishith was drunken while driving, but the doctors up on testing claim that reports doesn’t confirm that. Whatsoever it is, the saddest thing both Nishith and Ramchandra are of just 23 years and they have to end their beautiful life in such ironic way.

This is not the first time Nishith drove the vehicle fast, even in the past more than three cases were registered on him for driving the car at a speed of more than 150 KMS. Even after filing cases, no change was seen in this Minister’s son. Probably the ego of being Minister’s son let him not to follow the traffic rules and the same reason lets him escape from being punished. Again it is shown that “all are not equal before the law”. If Nishith was punished heavily at least once, the fear of being punished would have warned him to obey rules and today it would have saved his life. That’s why there is a saying, which goes as: “धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः”. Just imagine if some innocent people get killed in this incident, probably no impact would have been on this Minister son’s life but for sure it would have impacted the innocent family. It is to be recalled that one of the Nandamuri Harikrishna son’s Janakiram also passed away in an car accident. At least now the government has to realize that they shouldn’t interfere while the law is doing is its work. Finally one has to understand that “Need For Speed” is the situation that results in “Need For Death”


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