Right to Privacy as Fundamental


Today the states in India such as Karnataka, West Bengal, Puducherry wants fundamental rights of privacy to order from the Supreme Court. This state comes under the category of Non-BJP ruled states. They want the prior right to support the high consumption of privacy as fundamental rights. Though Karnataka and Punjab was in major of rule competency, Puducherry was led by Congress and West Bengal led by Trinamool Congress.

On july 19, the court was suspected that privacy doesn’t prevent state laws against citizens. They should have their own restrictions than bringing the privacy under fundamental rights. They have listed it as “Amorphous” in fact of “Right to Privacy”.  Supreme Court said “Constitution under fundamental rights is not the element to prevent privacy”.

The court raises the question “How do we define privacy? What are its contents? Its contours? How can the state regulate privacy? What obligations does the state have to protect a person’s privacy? Said Chandrachud, the court justice.


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