Tamil Nadu politics are turning dramatic with Sasikala house arresting her 100 MLA’s in Golden Bay resort. With the verdict on “who is going to be sworn as CM?”, Sasikala stated that she is going to stay in the resort through the night with MLA’s. This raised a high tension in the TN political circles.
With party members shifting to Panneerselvam base, tension in Sasikala has increased. She is openly stating that she will let all the MLA’s out of the resort only after tomorrow verdict. This shows that she is openly stating that she kidnapped all the MLA’s. She also confidently told the press that “We will leave this place happily tomorrow”
It looks that Sasikala has signed a good deal with BJP government, because of which she is getting support from the Centre for her to become the CM. There are several rumors that BJP through the support of Sasikala might have killed Jayalalitha, who has been the deadliest nightmare to the BJP to exercise their dictatorship in Tamil Nadu. Also, there are strong allegations against Sasikala being the reason for the death of Jayalalitha.
BJP shotgun Mr.Subramanian Swamy urged the Governor to sworn Sasikala as CM. When Pannerselvam was giving a tough fight, it is Mr. Swamy who advised Sasikala to approach Supreme court. Also, when Governor was in Bombay, Subramanian Swamy said that “It is disgraceful. The man is hiding in Mumbai when he’s got a concurrent charge of Tamil Nadu also. Why is he sitting in Mumbai? The governor is failing in his duty”. This shows BJP has been giving full support to Sasikala to become CM.
For sure it’s going to be a rigorous prayer time for Pannerselvam to expect God to do some miracle for tomorrow.


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