Sasikala Surrenders In Court: Rested in Parappana Agrahara central Jail

Sasikala surrenders and Rested in Parappana Agrahara central Jail

Finally, Sasikala and IIvarsi being accused and later convicted in the illegal properties. The Special court punished her with 4 years of Jail life and 100 crores fine. The Supreme court in Karnataka too agreed with the special court and asked to surrender by 15th Feb. Sasikala and IIvarsi attended the court 5.17PM and surrendered themselves in front of the Judge and later they were taken to Parappana Agrahara jail near Bengaluru.

Even before appearing to Bengaluru, Sasikala went to Jayalalitha buried place and sworn in front everyone that she will for sure take revenge on Panneerselvam and those who are responsible for her to be jailed and spoiled her career.


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