Sasikala’s special treatement in Parappana Agrahara


In Parappana agrahara Sasikala Natarajan have treated with all amenities though she is accuse. To this case some higher officials have involved it seems.D Roopa, Former DIG has said to news agency that “She won’t be apologizing the DGP Satyanarayana Rao”. After the Rao have warned Roopa, she has reacted abruptly to the public. The advocate S Nataraj Sharma have registered a complaint against Sasikala and the officer who involved in bribe for Rs2 crore. The advocate have moved first to ACB and also he have decided to move High Court if he ACB doesn’t respond to his complaint.

Mr. Nataraja Sharma have questioned, ‘Why Satyanarayana Rao served notice to D Roopa seeking an apology even before Government-appointed Vinay Kumar’s Panel offered him a clean chit?. Right now the VIP prison also closed due to this issue. On July 26thsasikala’s sister-n-law was died. Even for that funeral Sasikala was not granted permission to attend. It’s being a tough part from Sasikala side.

She refused to put flowers and milk for Siva linga statue.


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