Telangana Irrigation Visionary Passed Away


The telangana irrigation Visionary Mr.Vidyasagar Rao passed away on April 29th due to bad health. Telangana CM visited Vidayasgar’s house to pay tribute to this great visionary. KCR seeing the dead body found no way to control his tears in eyes, such was the relation he had with him. To pay homage to this visionary, he ordered irrigation department to name one of the irrigation projects after Vidayasgar’s name.

He is very well know for his great work in the field of irrigation. Specifically, he served as the advisor to Telangana irrigation water board. He was key architect in devising some great irrigation water breakthrough projects in Telangana. He played instrumental role during Telangana state formation, where he explained how Telangana was cheated interms of irrigation. He authored a book titled “Neelu-Nijalu”. He was very well respected and appreciated by KCR for his Visionary works.

May his soul Rest In Peace….



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