Terrorist Attack on Army Camp in Kashmir


On 28th April early morning around 4.30am, three fully armed terrorists attacked on military camp named Panzgam, which located near Chowkibal in Kupwara district, Kashmir. In this attack total 4 causality in the military were recorded , among which 3 were soldiers and one captain. In reverse firing, Bihar based soldier named Rishi Kumar killed two terrorists, whereas the other one escaped. This particular region is full of military families.

The most pathetic question how come terrorists are habituated to enter in to these sort  of most secured zones so easily, as this is not the first time. This clearly projects failure of intelligence and strict border security force. Modi instead of keeping focus on power should focus on how to stop these repeated attacks, which are very much higher during his tenure… All he does is pay tribute in Twitter and give some money. Our government inefficiency and negligency  is costing lives of innocent soldiers.


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