Tollywood in Drug


Film producer Allu Aravind released a statement that 10 stars of Tollywood film industry are being under drug addiction. He has warned those 10 stars for their activities and state government has been watching out the illegal activities. He stressed out that the drug addiction has reached Tollywood from Mumbai Industry.

Some of the reports said that representatives from Telangana Prohibition and Excise have recently given notices to 15 celebrities in Telugu Industry.

Between July 19 and July 27, they have to appear personally in front of Special Investigation Team of the Enforcement Wing of the Prohibition and Excise Department. Those 15 celebrities have identified as drug addict from the accused who supplied drugs to them. Puri Jagannath, Subramraju, singer Geeta Madhuri’s husband Nandu, Thanish, Navdeep, Charmi, Mumaith Khan and others are the celebrities who are drug addicts as per the report. It may be the rumor too….


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