Trump Says “NO” to Paris Agreement on Climate

Trump Says NO to Paris Agreement on Climate
Src: CNNMoney

Donald Trump right from the beginning looked unusual in behavior as well as in his Governance too. One such act of Trump is withdrawing United States of America from the Paris Agreement on climate change and terming global warming as political drama. Paris agreement was aimed to fight on the global warming, which has been happening due to excessive green house gases.

This agreement was drafted on 12th December 2015 by UN body, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC), in its 21st conference in Paris. This draft was supported by 195 countries. Among all, it is USA, China and India who raised the huge voice and gave word to go to any extent in saving earth from global warming. The most surprising thing is, these three tops the charts in massive carbon emissions. As per the reports published by TOI, US contributes 5.1 million kilo tons of CO2 and India generates 2 million tons of CO2. The most surprising thing is it is Obama led US government who pitched heavily on this adaptation and has promised to donate $3 billion for this activity, out of which as a first installment donated the $500 million.

Responding on the United States’s exit, he stated that this adaptation makes no big deal, and moreover is making world suck billions of dollars from the US economy at the cost of many citizens life. He strongly argued that he is not a firm believer of global warming as its been more politicized than the fact. He also said that this deal is going to dam the job and livelihood opportunities of many unemployed citizens. He remained that the countries like China and India who are making huge money on coal mining and pitching on global warming looks funny. Responding to the criticism, Donald Trump stated that the US try to make some climate agreement that doesn’t contradict American growth and further went on saying that the US economic condition is gaining its momentum in huge way where $ 3 trillion currency was appended to the stock market.


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