After Chiranjeevi who is next?


The interaction between media is essential to building their image for every celebrity. As in the form media reports about their favorite actors is Chiranjeevi is best in off-screen by combining and interaction with them which proves the way massive star Chiranjeevi. In the middle of huge senior celebrities, whenever Chiranjeevi meets media, he welcomes them and gives his a statement with good courtesy.
Now media says after Chiranjeevi, NTR is the only person in this generation hero this trait. Also, NTR doesn’t skip questions and won’t ask queries, giving any reason for media people to get annoyed with him. Comparing with him current generation stars like Mahesh and Pawan stay very reserved during media meet. As media says that they are eagerly waiting for NTR’s “Big Boss” in television. So that it will stimulate his kindness and interaction over media.


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