Balayya-Puri Combo Movie to make Box office War One side

Balayya-Puri Combo is going to make Box office War One side

Giving shock to entire Telugu Film Industry, Nandamuri Balakrishna and Puri Jagan have joined hands for a movie. After a great success of 100th movie Gautami Putra Satakarni, everyone is very curious and Ballaya fans are tensed on who will direct Ballaya’s 101st film. Many big directors’ names like Krishna Vamsi, K S Ravi Kumar, VV Vinayak, Srivas and much more were heard, out which Balayya showed very much interest in Krishna Vamsi and K S Ravi Kumar stories, but nothing got finalized. But all of a sudden announcement from Puri Jagan through twitter came as a shock and thrill to the entire industry. In his tweet, he stated that Bhavya creations will be producing this movie. Balayya really deserves appreciation as even after seeing series of flops of Puri Jagan, he agreed to do the movie.

Puri tweet on Balayya movie

This very news brought in great happiness in Balayya’s fans, as this crazy combination can do some wonders at the box office and Puri dialogues in Balayya style would be sensational. Anyways the Top hero’s finally entering into an experimenting zone leaves a great sign to Telugu film industry. Jai Balayya!!!


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