Madhu priya’s turn in Big Boss


Since Telugu Bigg Boss has started there was a big scenario against Sampoornaesh Babu. He is a talented person who makes others laugh with his performance. Nowadays, it is being a big surprise for the audience who got depressed and cries as well. When he got exist from the show another group to get shocked. Now the social media target against Sampoo too was stopped after he relieved from the big boss.

The next target goes on with Madhu Priya, Singer. She is a confident enough and tough fight girl who captures all minds in her pretty voice. Once she entered Big Boss from then she started to waste her tears. It’s being a while the great Junior NTR explained her not to waste her tear. Even though, she didn’t stop crying. Now all the social media is filled with Madhu Priya troll. Let’s see how it goes for upcoming weeks.


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