All victory venkatesh fans waiting for another blockbuster hit. Let me see i will give my personal rating …Please have a look below my comments on Babu Bangaram It’s my personal opinion .

Actors : Venkatesh, Nayanthara, V.Keshore,PMkrishna
Music : jebran
Story : Darling swami
Producer : suryadevera nagavamsi, P.D.V Prasad
Director : Maruthi

Its a nice family oriented movie story around the crime. In this film initially he has pity mentality because of this reason he lose every thing even lover also. Then he became angry man then he solve the all issues. This is overall movie story.

Venkatesh and nayanthara combination very cool and nice… We can enjoy in movie theater.

Movie strength : Posani muralikrishna and Brahmanandam Commedy and Story