Taapsee’s Image on Tollywood


There was a rumor that Taapsee is famous through bad hitting’s in her career. Up to her, the film directors give importance to glamor than the acting skills. Taapsee was famous by the movie “Pink”. In Jhummandi Naadam film there is sensuality for throwing the coconut on her navel. She commented to K. Raghavendra Rao films. Taapsee told that”There is an obsession with a female’s body everywhere. There are some songs even in Bollywood that have some weird obsessions. It’s not just in South”.

For her comments, she requested an apology to KRR who involves her in his film. She also says that she was about to share his feelings towards the south. The thing is she didn’t observe it in Bollywood. People have misunderstood her for his comments. I don’t any gut feeling to share the opinion about the director who launched me first in his film. He is a Midas touch director.


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