Vivegam Review


Vivegam is an action thriller with lots of twist-turns, action and sentiment. The film is all about one man Ajay Kumar (Ajith Kumar). Ajith was a head of a counter-terrorism squad once; and turned into most wanted by the intelligence agencies after his daring strike on a terrorist outfit gives him a hard drive containing codes to launch nuclear weapon.

Natasha (Akshara Haasan) is a brilliant hacker who possessed the codes to launch deadly man-made earthquakes through nuclear weapons. Even as AK succeeds in tracking down the hacker, also an unexpected twist there, AK’s wife Yazhini (Kajal Aggarwal), who becomes a player in the life-threatening mission he has embarked upon.

Ajith himself provide plenty of mass-hero moments (a shirt-ripping, exercising in snow forest, and showcasing with his gentle walk are particular highlight) and innumerable punch dialogues in between every sequence are terrific in first half. In the second half, the expectation of whom AK has to take down and stop mass destruction.


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