Bread pizza


Hi Friends, today I am going to show you how to prepare bread pizza. Actually all pizza lovers are going to bakery or pizza shops for pizza. But once you try this reciepe, defenately you will made it again and again.  So take a look on preparetion…


milk bread, pizza sause or tomato sause,  mozzarela cheese, chopped carrot, finely chopped capsicum, finely chopped onion.


Take  bread slices, spread tomato sause as thin layer. I preffered only homemade sause, it was delicious and easy to make.

Next spread chopped capsicum pieces..

Next spread chopped onion pieces..

Next spread chopped  carrot…

Now cover bread slice with cheese…

Add paneer cubes also if you want….Now heat dosa pan…put this bread on pan in low flame and cover with lid for 10 minutes…

After 10 or 15 min the cheese was melts nicely and vegetables also cooked well, off the flame and serve hot with tomato sause….

Yeah…it was very tempting….Try this reciepe…and leave your comments please……


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