Toordal, tommatos, onions, chilles, red chilli powder, salt, oil, jaggery, garlic, curry leaves, red chilles, tamarind.


It’s a very special and favourite dish for telugu people. For this recipe first u soak the sufficient dal before 1 hour. After 1 hour place all ingredients( tommato pieces, chopped onion, chopped chilli, small piece of jaggery,red chilli powder, sufficient tamarind) in small pressure cooker. Cook it for 5 vissels and off the flame.




Now add sufficient salt and bleand it till smooty.  The last session is the seasioning of the dish(taalimpu) with garlic, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, red chilles, curry leaves.


Now the recipe is ready to serve. Addition of little bit ghee with rice gives fabulous taste. Also taste with roties.


Note: Add salt after cook the dal only, otherwise dal was not cook well. And jaggery also gives special taste to dal.  If you are not intrested then ignore that.