India Vs Australia Cricket Score


At Bristol, India and Australia have enough sixth tournament game? As per the report, the Mithali Raj side was into the tournament. They have lost their score against South Africa which happened previously. India and Australia have decided to win go on with four of five matches. This was held by ICC Women’s World Cup match. India has won four but fortunately, fails at the match against South Africa. Indian team was very confident against South Africa. They planned a good batting. They won and followed up against Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and West Indies. Simultaneously, they failed to win the match against South Africa. Australia has reached two in points table and India has reached three in the points table. Unexpectedly, the unit of batting is not under their control. They would seek a light pressure from all over the world. Smriti Mandhana was good on the first play but the upcoming game was not that much good!


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