South Heroine kidnapped and Molested: Law and Police React As usual

South Heroine kidnapped and Molested: Law and Police stays Casual
Src: ANI Photo

Southern Actress Bhavana who acted in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam films, was well known for her acting capabilities. Recently she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by her own driver and other 4 other people in the moving car near Kochi. They took photos and videos with her and let her go. This act was strongly condemned by the entire Indian film fraternity.  The irony is, it’s been already three days she complained and no action has been taken any of the police officials.

This issue was much highlighted as it happened to a celebrity, but there are some hundreds of such incidents happening around in the country. Most of the people were uncaught or even if caught the cases were pending in the court tables. The constitution says every citizen has to obey the law and respect law and constitution, but in this sort of situation what sort of respect one has to carry with him on the law and the constitution should be answered by the constitution and Law itself.

Hope they react fast and do the needy for every woman who is facing such situation.


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