American Defense Budget to be close to $650 Billion Annually

American Defense Budget to be close to $650 Billion Annually
Src:Sputnik International

American President Mr. Donald Trump announced that he is going to scale up the American Defense budget by $54 Billion, which is 9% heavier than previous budget. It is to be recalled that American is the country who spends very heavily on defense.Prior to this scaling up, the annual budget for defense was $600 Billion. Though many people have been voicing against this drastic rise in the budget.

Mr. Trump seems to be in no mood even to throw an ear at these hearings. He seems to be in no way to slow down his speed in leading the country. He has been very keen on American Security, right the point of election campaigns. His first step towards securing America started right from building a security wall over the Mexican borders to stop illegal immigrants and drug trafficking, which is one the main reasons behind violence in America. He also hinted that he is going to spend massively on the defense and security infrastructure in the country. Hope these measures of Mr. Trump bring some sort of Security to the localities as well as non-Americans.


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