Companies will be fined for Outsourcing American Jobs: Donald Trump

Companies will be fined for Outsourcing American Jobs: Tump
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The President of America Mr. Donald Trump looks in a way to slow down his pace of making America for only Americans first. Recently he attended a launching event of the Boeing787-10 Dreamliner in Charleston, South Carolina and heaped huge praises on the entire team for their innovating work. On the other way, he commented on their high-cost annoyances on his twitter.

Trump on Boeing

In his speech, he stated: “To unleash the power of the American spirit and put our great people back to work. Our goal as a nation must be to rely less on imports, and more on products made here in the USA. “That’s what we do in America, we dream of things and we build them.”

He also asserted to Americans that they will buy what is manufactured in America and promised that he strives hard and will get back all the manufacturing industries to America. Adding to it, he promised to reduce the taxes on the American employees and industries working loyally for the nation building. In this regards, he added that the victory of the America is achieved only when the workers of America become victorious and to achieve this his government is ready to fight for the loyal workers to make them get jobs that pay them high.

This statement of Trump comes as the deadliest nightmare to the Non-Americans enjoying in America, leaving their countries and also to companies who are getting cheap labor from the rest of the world at the cost of American jobs. This assurance of Trump is really a word heavenly gods to the Native-Americans. The point is Trump is securing his country and working for his people first and then looking for others. In this case, I really don’t understand what right Non-Americans hold to protest and condemn it. They have to realize that they are hosted by America. They have to understand that, their countries failed to give them what they wanted, so it’s high time for the Non-Americans go and fight in their country for their rights rather than fighting in America.

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