Is Donald Trump good For Indians?


After Trump winning the elections much has been debated around on how Trump would treat Non-Americans. This discussion has been on high scale among Indians. The most prevailing question is: “IS DONALD TRUMP GOOD FOR INDIANS?”

The answer I would say is “YES“.

Whomever the American president might be they have to maintain good relations with India. The reason is 50% of the American IT income is driven by Indian minds, moreover, sectors like banking, telecom, and much more industries BPO is in India for very cheap rates. To get that same from their own country or other country is a costly affair. USA exports to India is close to around $21.5billion and imports from accounts to $44billion.We know that many of the Indian students aspire to study in the USA. Do you know nearly 1,33,000 Indian students study in the USA thereby contributing a revenue of $3.6 billion to US economy? Tell me now how can any USA president miss this economy and cheap labour.. so Trump or some tom dick and harry becomes USA president also no impact on India can be observed.


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