What’s KCR priority


Telangana boss pastor K Chandrasekhar Rao’s determined articulation in the state administrative get together that he would develop the new secretariat and gathering complex at Bison Polo Grounds at the cost of Rs 500 crore in spite of resistance from different gatherings and individuals’ associations has drawn a great deal of fire from all segments.

A few pioneers and associations are addressing KCR for his wrong needs.

“When the cotton agriculturists are conferring suicides because of disappointment of yields, is it so earnest to spend such a great amount of cash on new secretariat building? Additionally, the streets in Hyderabad are awful making a considerable measure of burden the general population. The administration can too burn through cash on streets instead of squandering it on the new structures,” a Telangana JAC pioneer said.

Dubious educator Kancha Ilaiah additionally joined the issue and lashed out at the main priest.
He pondered whether it was appropriate on KCR’s part to move the secretariat at the cost of open cash on the appearance of Vasthu.

“In the event that the Vasthu of the Secretariat isn’t right, how did Telangana state was accomplished?” he inquired.
He additionally proposed that the central priest could spend subsidizes on saving cotton ranchers as opposed to using the assets on developing new Secretariat.


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