How to enable advance toolbar for allows me to modify font type, size, color, etc.


In  wordPress editors using visual editor for writing posts. wordpress editor allows to create content in a WYSIWYG  environment. It is easy to use for writing article. Some time editor want to add the under line for specific line or words. some times they want to increase font size or add the color for fonts.

WordPress by default It  won’t  display above features if you want use we have to enable. By default it will display visual edit head with single tool bar like below.

Default Edit :- 





If we want to enable second tool bar we have to write the below filter in function.php. From admin side we can edit directly  ( Appearance > Edit > Theme Functions – functions.php)

function enable_advancetoolbar( $args ) {

$args[‘wordpress_adv_hidden’] = false; return $args;


add_filter( ‘tiny_mce_before_init’, ‘enable_advancetoolbar‘ );

Now you can able to see second tool bar. It will be like below.





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